Transcend Your Ancestral Past To Enjoy A Thriving Present

Choose to do it differently!

It is possible to move forward towards a new destiny.

Identify the roots of conflict that are affecting your health, finances and relationships.

Liberate invisible loyalties, repetitive patterns, fears and limitations related to your family system.

Integrate your past to continue fulfilling your destiny.

Heal your soul to align a change in your life.

When there is Order, Love flows.

Abundance, health, and prosperity are possible when you create order within you and within your family system.

Give yourself the possibility to experience freedom, peace and confidence by identifying and transforming the unresolved memories of your ancestral past.

I facilitate one on one and group sessions, ONLINE and on-site. I also offer a certification training program for souls who feel ready to serve through this method of the Family Constellations.

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Click on the image below only if you feel ready to take a step forward towards your freedom. "Soul's Journey" is a seven step digital program that can help you understand how you are connected to the memories of your ancestors and a possibility to liberate your past. This program provides you with 42 videos of content, systemic exercises, and acts of empowerment, all based on Family Constellations.

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You can manifest a different destiny for yourself, for your descendants, and for the system of life.

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Hero's Journey is a 3 step formula program to recognize and transform limiting beliefs and perspectives. This program is based on transformational experiences.
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“ALCHEMY FOR THE SOUL” is more than a reading, it is a healing experience to transcend the suffering of your ancestors that affects your present and what you want to manifest in your life. This experience is based on Family and Systemic Constellations. 

What hasn’t been seen, recognized, and healed from the ancestors’ past is being carried by the new generations. 

Identify and transcend the unresolved memories from your past and your ancestors’ past to redirect your life towards a more harmonious reality. You can generate that change.


To get this profound transformation, click on the book’s image to buy the book.  

ALQUIMIA PARA EL ALMA no es solo un libro, es un atendimiento en Constelaciones Familiares. Lo que no se ha sanado del pasado de nuestros ancestros lo venimos arrastrando transgeneracionalmente los descendientes.

Identifica y trasciende las memorias de sufrimiento de tu niñez y de tus ancestros, cambia los patrones repetitivos de tu sistema familiar y redirecciónate hacia un destino más armonioso y funcional. 

Tú puedes generar ese cambio. SANA TU PASADO Y VIBRA EN UN MEJOR PRESENTE. 

Para conseguir esta profunda transformación, haz clic sobre la imagen para comprar el libro.  

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