Family Constellations Training Program

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Recommended for healers, therapists, and personal and organizational coaches.
Those seeking integration and transformation in their lives.
Those ready to heal the repetitive patterns and invisible loyalties of their ancestors.
Those seeking a greater quality of life for themselves, their family, their community, and the world.
Those who want to embrace healthier and harmonious relationships with their children, parents, spouse, friends, and others in their community.
Those who are involved in working with groups: leaders, teachers, and influencers.
Those who aspire to become Constellation facilitators.
Those seeking peace and understanding.

There are NO prerequisites for this training. You only need a sincere willingness to participate.
This work is not learned quickly. It is subtle. But this training is comprehensive in order to prepare you to lead this work, whether you decide to use it to help others or for yourself. As a trainer, I want you to have the best training possible.
If you are in the healing, coaching, or consulting field, Constellations can provide the missing link to the success of your practice. Knowing a person’s issues are directly connected to his or her family system is vital in the process of unleashing the limitations that affect a person’s development.

Program Overview

This modality requires time, love, and practice. The entire training is 8 levels. Each level is scheduled for one weekend a month from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. This can be done online or on-site if you live in the area of Orlando, Fl. Then, we will hold a Zoom meeting a week after each level for extra Q & A related to the topics of each level. This will prepare you to begin bringing Family Constellation work into the world.

This training has two focuses: Learning to facilitate Family Constellation therapy and your personal healing and growth.

This program is based mainly on Bert Hellinger’s teachings with some new tools integrations to facilitate the development of the practice.

This training is hands-on, you’ll develop your intuition and attunement to the “Field” and become an expert at diagnosing family patterns.

During this training, you’ll learn how to facilitate Family Constellations in both group and 1-on-1 settings.

This committed group program is limited to 12 participants, allowing personal attention.

The program is designed to delve deep into the principles and practice of Systemic and Family Constellations while focusing on the needs of the participant’s education, healing, and growth.

During the training, at each level, we will practice exercises and Constellations with each other. You will get constellated and you will get to constellate others. I will be supporting each process.

A certificate of Completion will be presented upon graduation. Please be aware there is NO official Certification for Family & Systemic Constellations recognized by any governing organization in North America.

Levels of Training

Intro to Family Constellations and history, the system, systemic laws, “ the morphogenetic field”, phenomenology.

Repetitive patterns, transgenerational, survival, identification, understanding the system, needs.

Relationships, partnering, parents and children, divorce, adoption, interrupted love, death, triangulation, Transactional Analysis.

Anxiety, depression, disease, death, addictions, mental disorder, emotional disorder.

Orders of help, therapeutic attitude, respect, giving and receiving, transference, systemic empathy, judgment, destiny.

Setting the field, identifying the issues, flowing with “the field”, intuition, images of the resolution, use of reconciling phrases.

Individual work with wood figures, anchors, and other resources, visualization. Group facilitation. Online facilitation


If you are looking for a powerful shift in your life, join this training!

Through this journey, you will learn and assimilate the constellation approach as you reconnect to the natural flow of life.
The work of Family and Systemic Constellations has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world. You can add to the expansion of consciousness through this loving technique for yourself and for others.
Thank you.
How much if for the entire program?

The entire program has a value of $2800 USD
If you pay it upfront, you only pay $2450 USD
You can also pay level by level. Each level has the value of $350 USD




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